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C S P L is made up of a team of experienced engineers and web developers based in Karachi.


Cybernetic Solved Private Limited is an Information Technology consulting firm, which specializes in providing businesses the capability to facilitate growth, reduce expense, and provide cost avoidance. What do we mean by this? We rationalize IT activity around business value. Technology should either be making you money, saving you money, or protecting you against the loss of money. In other words, we only spend dollars unless it makes sense. We at Cybernetic Solved Private Limited are hired for our business experience and technical expertise. Our accolades driven by our services-oriented approach that delineates us from our competition. Above all else, we value customer engagement and collaborative relationships, focused on shared success.

a little more about us

We're like a chameleon, ready to change as technology and business changes. We see change as a positive, and have built our business around the ever growing technology trends

Cybernetic Solved Private Limited is in market to help businesses grow and achieve International Standard in terms of Computer Systems and Network Solutions to increase their productivity and efficient growth.

At Cybernetic Solved both Licensed and Open Source solutions are promoted. Audit and Inventory systems, ERP, IMS, DBS, LAN and WLAN solutions, NAS, Client/Server Architecture and Distributed Solutions are tailored for your needs.

We help our clients get the most out of their technology by constantly learning ourselves

our team

Professional Memberships earned by the team of cybernetic solved private limited

Our Team and Senior Management comprises of dedicated professionals in the field of ICT that are Australian, Malaysian, UK and Canadian Qualified being members of Professional bodies like the IEEE - The Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, BCS - British Computer Society, The IET - Institution of Engineering & Technology UK (Formerly The IEE and IIE), IAENG - International Association of Engineers, BSA - British Science Association, ICST, PEC - Pakistan Engineering Council, PCS - Pakistan Computer Society, and ISOC- Internet Society with exposure of international technology trends.

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Cybernetic solved private limited in business partnership

CSPL now offers a set of programs and initiatives, designed to help you build your own ICT Infrastructure and recruit relevant personnel.

Become a CSPL Solutions Provider and avail benefits such as discounted rates on our Solutions, Support for products and solutions by our business partners and unmatched attention by our dedicated staff. Our Partner Programs are best suited to help IT Consultants and System Integrators.

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Fax:  +92-21-35347251 (Karachi)
+92-345-8903223 (Karachi)
+92-345-5207257 (Islamabad)
Email:  info@cyberneticsolved.com
Address: CSPL CHAMBERS, Hasrat Mohani Road (formerly Grant Road), Karachi