IT Support and Networking

Computer Networking for small and medium sized businesses

Either you do it right the first time or spend every day fixing the mess.

Network Engineering

Network Setup, Scaling and Maintenance

Designing a local area network for your business however may seem like a simple task but should not be mistaken as one.

Network planning requires a thorough understanding of your current system demands, estimating the materials required, and properly planning scalability for future network infrastructure needs.

If you are running your office manually or your computers are stand alone PCs or Macs we will help build your own secure network so that your computers can interact with each other saving a lot of paper work and time spent passing files manually. You can even send print jobs from a remote location.

LAN setup
Integrating Wireless and Wired Networks

A well planned wireless network permits you to easily roam around and improve your employee productivity.

You or your employees should not be bound physical locations within the office

We will assess your location for a custom solution tailored especially to meet your requirements

Wireless LAN setup

Statistically in an efficient network of 40 PCs, 1 PC is bound to go down as a good average. We can help you maintain the maximum uptime of your network with the latest procedures.

Rather than keeping duplicate copies of the same information on different computers you can have a network storage enabling all authorized users to share the information saving finances and computer resources while gaining productivity.

Network Printing

There are integrated option when using printers over the network. It does not have to be always frustrating. We can help you network your printers with access control saving cost both at setup and at running, even with carefree employees

Network Security Assessment

Your Information running on your network is critical to your business.

A typical computer network is probed for vulnerabilities daily; when connected to the internet, an open access point or even a USB Stick brought from outside

Networks are usually attacked by careless practices, disgruntled employees or even an outdated software.


Network Relocation

Networking over Mains

Network Area Storage

Windows - Linux - MAC Integration

Remote Desktop Connectivity

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